Want to plan your wedding in Lyon or Burgundy ?
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Hire a French destination wedding planner

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I’m Julie, your destination wedding planner based in Lyon.

As far back as I could remember,

I used a To-Do list and whatever else would help me to organize. I even think I started in elementary school, at this point organization is in my blood !
But I’m also a deeply romantic woman, (since college this time !). So, I decided in 2018 to put my skills at the service of my romanticism !

And since then, I have been organizing and producing timeless elegant weddings for lovely couples who have a deep appreciation for French culture and its world-renowned “art de vivre”.

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French wedding planner Lyon

How are we going to work together ?

Transparency and availability are my fundamental values and will be the pillars of our collaboration.


It is essential during your planning journey, for both of us. I’ll be there for you, to answer any of your questions and give you my advice. And I’ll need you to be available to make the necessary decisions during the organization (with my help).


It’s simply who I am. From the very beginning and to the end of your wedding, I’ll always be transparent with you. I will explain each step, each impact of each option. I will make sure that each decision is made in an informed way.

What is my signature ?

I like to show my clients what the traditional French wedding codes are. But tradition doesn’t mean boring to me ! It’s a lot of little details, and bringing it back together creates an elegant and bespoke event.

If you dream about a French wedding with all its codes, which takes place in an incredible castle, with French gastronomy and a party all night long, I think we might be a good fit !