🎯 We’ve now reached the third and final part of my process before signing a contract together! In the last two articles, I told you about the feasibility call (our first contact), the discovery meeting (allowing me to go deeper into your expectations and needs). Now it’s time to talk about your Project Book!

Full Service Destination wedding Planner in Lyon

What is the Project Book? 

I often talk about the Project Book on my social networks, but what is it? How am I going to build it? 🤔

➡️ The Project Book is simply a snapshot of what your wedding could look like. In a way, it’s my interpretation of our discussions about your vision of these events. It’s a glimpse of those days, my aim being to help you project yourself into them! 

Example wedding project book for a luxury wedding in France

➡️ As far as its construction is concerned, I’m going to start from our discussions and contact trusted vendors who might be able to match your expectations as closely as possible (with the information I have). Thanks to all the information I’ve gathered, the exchanges with the suppliers and the estimates I’ve obtained, I’ll be able to build your wedding and give it a global budget. 

And I’ll deliver all this to you at our 3rd meeting! Isn’t that great? 🤩

Why do all this before signing a contract together? 

I hear this question a lot, most often from wedding professionals! I discovered (and trained in) this process 2 years ago now, and I find more and more advantages every time. 

➡️ The first, and to my mind the most obvious, is that it allows us to validate together the vision you have for your wedding! Because, yes, English is far from my native language, and even if we always understand each other easily, we’re not immune to misunderstandings! 😉

➡️ The second point, which is just as important, is that it gives me a concrete answer to the question of budget: is it enough to achieve your vision? Will priorities need to be set? This is vital information right from the start, and you have access to it even before you sign a contract with me!

Full service planning for a multi-day destination wedding

There’s also a very important use for this Project Book, which is detached from your project itself. Quite simply, it gives you an insight into the way I work! 

➡️ Choosing a wedding-planner is an important step, as it’s someone with whom you’ll be in regular contact for several months, so it’s a choice you need to think about! In the same way that I choose projects that speak to me and are in line with my values. We have to choose each other, and this Project Book is a great help! 

I’m also often asked why I give out so much information before signing a contract. Because let’s be honest, you could very well pick up this Project Book and decide to use it to plan your wedding yourself. And that’s already happened! But as I see it, the couples I work with don’t just get an address book (which, by the way, they don’t – I don’t own anyone!). Through my services, I offer real expertise in event organization and comprehensive support 😎

“Do we validate the Project Book as is when we sign the contract?”

This is the question I hear most often in our discussions with couples. No suspense, the answer is NO.

The Project Book is there for the reasons presented in the previous paragraph, but no, you don’t validate it as is. I don’t claim to be able to organize a wedding from A to Z based solely on a 1h30 exchange with you! 😅

However, it will serve as a starting point for discussion. As we work together to plan your wedding, we’ll discuss every stage of your event and refine every detail. This is how, and only this way, will we achieve the perfect event for you! 🚀


Newly engaged, are you ready to embark on the fabulous adventure of wedding planning? Now’s the time to contact me! 🚀

Photographers: @valeryvillard & @thomasaudiffren

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Bonjour and welcome ! I’m Julie, your destination wedding planner based in Lyon. 

As far back as I could remember, I used a To-Do list and whatever else would help me to organize. I even think I started in elementary school, at this point organization is in my blood !

But I’m also a deeply romantic woman, (since college this time !). So, I decided in 2018 to put my skills at the service of my romanticism ! 

And since then, I have been organizing and producing timeless elegant weddings for lovely couples who have a deep appreciation for French culture and its world-renowned “art de vivre”.

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