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When you first contact me to discuss your wedding project and my services, I will immediately offer you an initial feasibility call. This is part of my initial contact process, which is divided into 3 stages: 

  • The feasibility call (15 to 20 minutes);
  • The discovery appointment;
  • Presentation of your Project Book

The last step is the presentation and signing of the contract, but I’ve included that in my onboarding process! 🚀 So yes, these 3 steps are well before the contract is signed!

Let’s get back to the feasibility call. What’s it for? Quite simply, it allows me to scan the very broad outlines of your wedding project and define its feasibility (yes, it’s in the name). “Feasibility” should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as it relates to my work and, above all, to my ability to accompany you correctly and according to your expectations! 

What about the other two appointments? They’ll be the subject of future articles, so stay tuned! 😉

1. When (date/months) and where (geographical area) would you like to get married?

This is the starting point for the whole planning process. If you have a specific date in mind for your wedding, this can involve a number of things:

➡️ If I’m not available on that date, I can offer to take care of all the organization with you, and then assign the D-day coordination to a trusted member of my team.

➡️ The desire for a specific date can restrict the choice in terms of venues – it’s nothing to worry about, but it’s important to know! 

As for the geographical area, I’m based in the charming city of Lyon, but I also cover the Burgundy region. I can also travel to Provence, Auvergne or even Annecy! These are very different geographical areas, with different technical constraints, but also very different costs! This information is therefore extremely useful for an initial budget estimate.

Luxury French venue for a multi-day wedding

2. How many guests would you like to invite?

Do you know why this question is important? To estimate the budget once again! ✨

The number of guests you wish to invite will influence 2 main criteria: the reception venue (particularly with regard to its capacity for accommodation and spaces) and the service provided by your caterer. The budget may be the same for a wedding with 50 or 120 guests, but the quality is inevitably different!

Organise a French wedding in Lyon

3. How many days do you want your wedding to last? And how many events are you planning (rehearsal dinner, brunch, pool party, etc.)?

The organization process, the number of vendors to manage and coordinate, the logistics, the number of assistants for your wedding, are all subjects impacted by the number of events and days for your wedding!

✅ Your answers will enable me to draw up an accurate quote for my services.


4. What is your maximum (or minimum!) wedding budget?

That’s the BIG question! A big part of the concept of this feasibility call is based on your budget (and be prepared because working together we’re going to be talking a lot about money, it’s the lifeblood! 🎯).

As you’ve probably gathered by now if you’ve scrolled through my website and Instagram, it’s safe to say I have my own style of wedding planning. What’s important to the couples I work with is the gastronomy (and the ambiance, almost ex aequo!).

🥂 Working with me, we don’t go looking for a caterer for the sake of looking for a caterer. We’ll be more meticulous than that, and the quality, aesthetics and service will all have to be perfect. It’s not a must for everyone, but it is for my clients. And for me. And that has an impact on the budget!

👀 Most of the time, you don’t know how to answer this question. And that’s quite normal! How can you estimate a budget when you have no idea what the wedding industry rates?
So I’m going to ask you what your maximum comfortable wedding budget would be. Are we looking at €60,000 or €120,000? This will be a good basis for future discussions!

Luxury wedding in France: French gastronomy

5. Are you planning to travel to France before your wedding?

This time we’re not talking about budgets, but about the planning process itself. Certain points will have to be thought out and organized differently if you plan to come to the area of your wedding 1 or 2 times during the organization or if, on the contrary, you only plan to arrive a few days before your wedding.
🎯 The sooner I know, the better I can organize and personalize your experience!

Feminine and elegant bridal bouquet

Are you ready to answer these questions? It’s time to contact me then! There are still a few dates left for 2024, so there’s no time to hesitate! 🚀

Photographer: Thomas Audiffren | Venue: Domaine des Halles | Design: Elles Designer Floral | Caterer: C-Gastronomie | Rentals: Velvet RDV

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Julie Nagy Wedding Planner Lyon

Meet Julie

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Bonjour and welcome ! I’m Julie, your destination wedding planner based in Lyon. 

As far back as I could remember, I used a To-Do list and whatever else would help me to organize. I even think I started in elementary school, at this point organization is in my blood !

But I’m also a deeply romantic woman, (since college this time !). So, I decided in 2018 to put my skills at the service of my romanticism ! 

And since then, I have been organizing and producing timeless elegant weddings for lovely couples who have a deep appreciation for French culture and its world-renowned “art de vivre”.

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